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Justin Carter trains clients in Athens, GA. Get in touch with Justin for more information on how to get started with Personal Training, and schedule your free Intro Session!

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Perfect Your Form with Personal Training

When it comes to personal training, you can’t beat in-person instruction. In exercise, form matters. Proper form is important for safety and injury prevention, but did you know improper form can make your workout less effective? That’s right – fatiguing muscles will compromise your form in any way possible to “catch a break!”

See You at The Gym!

That’s why, at J Carter Fitness, we recommend that new clients join us in the gym if possible before starting In-App Training or a Custom Training Program, if one of those training formats is their ultimate preference. Justin has a lifetime of training experience (20 years to be exact) to help guide clients through a safe, targeted, and effective training session and long-term fitness program.

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Why Sign Up For Fitness Training?

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of reasons why clients find success with in-person training.

For Sarah, a recent UGA grad, it was the commitment of a one-on-one appointment with a personal trainer, rather than a group fitness class time, that kept her on-track toward accomplishing her fitness goals… even if she wasn’t feeling like working out.

One of J Carter Fitness’ clients with a busy schedule has said that she relies on her trainer, Justin, to guide her through a great workout at the start of a busy day when her mind is racing with work-related tasks and meetings.

For Samuel, an Athens local, it was the benefit of one-on-one instruction and cues with a personal trainer that gave him the know-how and confidence to hit the gym, and plan an effective workout, on his own time.

No matter your circumstances, personal training can get you the fitness results you’ve been wanting. Why? It’s personal.

Personal to your schedule.
Personal to your fitness level.
Personal to your unique personality and preferences.

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Justin Carter has helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals over the years. He can help you, too.

Building Lifetime Habits

One of Justin’s goals as a trainer is to help clients build a positive and committed mindset when it comes to fitness. One of our beliefs here at J Carter Fitness is that going to the gym should be like brushing your teeth, or paying your utility bills. In other words, it should become both a habit and a priority.

Your health SHOULD be a priority! Fitness is not only great for creating the physique you want, it’s also an excellent way to manage the stress of work, college, or whatever is on your mind day-to-day. Our clients have told us that while training at the gym, their mind is on the set and exercises, and nothing else!

Take care of yourself. Get in touch with Justin, sign up for training, and start building a new “you.”

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