Gym (In-Person) Personal Training

What most people think of as “personal training,” this format has you meeting Justin in the gym for a 30-, 45-, or 60-minute workout. Highly recommended for people who are just getting into fitness, or those who could benefit from the guidance and structure of an in-person training session.

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Virtual Personal Training

A great option for clients who have been training in-person with Justin, who’ve gained confidence with gym equipment and form, and who want to move to something with more flexibility. Virtual personal training allows Justin to monitor clients’ workouts in the app, including reps, weight, and client comments. Week by week, Justin creates new, personalized workouts that challenge clients and keep them moving forward. The next-best-thing to in-person training.

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Custom Training Programs

Custom training programs are developed all at once, typically over 6 or 8 weeks, for clients who have specific fitness goals and timelines in mind. Please schedule a consultation with Justin to discuss whether a custom training program is right for your needs.

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